Is Blue Balls Actual?

Perhaps you’ve felt it. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you’re questioning if it’s actual.

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The “it”?

The oh-so-descriptive situation we name “blue balls,” and what medical professionals name “epididymal hypertension.” (Hypertension, as in hypertension, and epididymal, as within the construction above the testicles by which sperm move).

It’s widespread sufficient slang to make you assume that blue balls are operating rampant. That testicles in every single place are in a state of menace, continuously at risk of turning blue.

In actuality? Positive, blue balls can occur, says urologist Petar Bajic, MD. But it surely’s not as regarding as you’ll have imagined. It’s not going to trigger any lasting results and it’s completely not a motive to really feel pressured into sexual acts.

We talked with Dr. Bajic to separate reality from fiction.

Are blue balls actual?

“Blue balls” isn’t a medically acknowledged situation. (Even giving it a elaborate medical title like epididymal hypertension doesn’t imply it’s one thing that healthcare professionals think about an precise medical drawback.)

But it surely’s understood that for some folks, turning into sexually aroused with out reaching orgasm can result in a sense of strain or discomfort of their nether areas. That phenomenon is what we’ve come to know as blue balls.

“There could be an uncomfortable sensation related to not ejaculating after a interval of sexual arousal,” Dr. Bajic says. “But it surely’s not one thing that’s been actually researched as a result of it’s not a menace to your well being.”

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Why does it occur?

Blue balls can occur as a result of, as your physique prepares for intercourse, it sends a rush of blood to your genitals. The strain builds. It then releases should you attain orgasm, and issues begin to return to regular.

However should you don’t orgasm, it may be like a strain valve that builds up with out launch. The elevated blood stays somewhat longer in your genitals. And it may possibly result in a short-lived feeling of discomfort or strain till the blood circulation returns to regular.

Fable-busting blue balls

There are a selection of misconceptions on the market concerning the supposed risks of blue balls, so let’s set the file straight.

False: Blue balls is dangerous

Some folks query whether or not failure to ejaculate can decrease their testosterone, or have an effect on their prostate well being or fertility.

The reply? Dr. Bajic says it’s a convincing “nope.”

“There isn’t any danger or hurt to experiencing blue balls,” he states. “It isn’t going to trigger any type of harm or drawback to the testicles or the reproductive tract.”

Blue balls will not be a illness. It’s not a threatening situation. And it isn’t essentially going to be uncomfortable in lots of instances.

Blue balls ought to by no means (ever, ever, ever) be used as a motive to be pressured right into a sexual interplay.

“At worst, blue balls could also be inconvenient or uncomfortable for a short while,” Dr. Bajic notes. “But it surely positively shouldn’t be used as a method to coerce anyone into having intercourse.”

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False: The ache is excruciating

All of us have totally different thresholds for ache. Some folks might discover blue balls to be extra uncomfortable, whereas others might not even really feel any troubling sensation. However any strain related to not ejaculating shouldn’t be extreme or debilitating. Uncomfortable, maybe. However not far more than that.

When you’re experiencing ache in your genitals, contact a healthcare supplier to rule out doable medical situations.

False: Your balls actually flip blue

“Blue balls” is a colourful however not-so-accurate title for the expertise of extended sexual arousal. In actuality, your testicles is not going to flip blue from lack of ejaculation.

False: It’s a ‘man factor’

Anybody can expertise discomfort in the event that they grow to be sexually aroused for a time period with out reaching orgasm. There’s an analogous phenomenon that occurs with blood circulation to the vulva and clitoris. It’s referred to as “blue vulva” or “blue bean” (a reference to the clitoris).

That’s as a result of sexual arousal results in elevated blood circulation to your genitals. When blood rushes to the vulva (the collective title for the labia, clitoris and vaginal opening), the realm turns into engorged and lubricated in preparation for sexual activity. When that strain builds however isn’t launched by orgasm, the blood circulation can result in emotions of heaviness or strain within the vulva.

Like blue balls, blue bean isn’t a hazard to your well being and shouldn’t be used as a motive to strain anybody into sexual exercise. (And, no, your anatomy gained’t really flip blue!)

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False: Intercourse is the one treatment for blue balls

Once more, fear about blue balls (or blue bean) isn’t a motive to have interaction in intercourse. When you’re experiencing discomfort, intercourse isn’t the one answer.

In case your private beliefs enable for masturbation, you possibly can attain orgasm with no associate to alleviate the discomfort. You may additionally discover that distracting your self with less-arousing ideas and actions will help. Or having a shower might assist lower the blood circulation and relieve any signs.

Blue balls or one thing else?

Blue balls could be related to a fleeting, non permanent discomfort related to sexual arousal. When you’re experiencing genital ache or discomfort at different instances, it could be an indication of one thing extra regarding.

“If the uncomfortable sensation within the testicles solely happens after a interval of sexual arousal with out ejaculation, I believe it’s protected to say that that’s in all probability not something severe,” Dr. Bajic says. “Nevertheless, should you’re having genital ache underneath different circumstances, it might benefit additional investigation by a urologist or a main care physician. It’s at all times value getting checked out.”

When you’re involved or have questions on your reproductive well being, healthcare suppliers can be found to assist. And whereas it may be nerve-wracking to speak concerning the intimate particulars of your physique, know that healthcare suppliers focus on these points daily and are right here to assist.

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