Why Do You Pee When You Sneeze?

Does a tickle in your nostril result in a dribble down under? Peeing if you sneeze can really feel embarrassing, even when nobody else notices. And if you first begin experiencing this phenomenon, it’s baffling. Why is that this taking place, and what are you able to do about it?

Urogynecologist Amy Park, MD, explains this widespread drawback, in addition to hacks and coverings that may assist.

Is it regular to pee if you sneeze?

Should you pee if you sneeze, cough, snigger or soar, the almost definitely trigger is stress incontinence. This can be a sort of urinary incontinence, which implies a lack of bladder management.

The “stress” in stress incontinence refers to strain in your pelvic flooring muscle tissues — and though this situation is widespread, it’s not one thing it’s important to reside with.

“Your pelvic flooring muscle tissues maintain your pelvic organs in place,” explains Dr. Park. “When the muscle tissues are too stretched out or weak, they’ll’t correctly help your bladder and urethra.”

However what’s sneezing bought to do with it? “Sneezing, coughing, leaping and related actions trigger sudden strain in your pelvic flooring,” Dr. Park explains. “The downward strain overcomes your pelvic flooring muscle tissues, pushing your bladder and urethra downward — and urine comes out.”

Being pregnant, childbirth and hormonal adjustments throughout menopause all take a toll in your pelvic flooring muscle tissues. Nerve accidents and surgical procedure in your pelvic space may also trigger this situation. Stress incontinence impacts each sexes, however extra continuously happens in girls and folks assigned feminine at delivery (AFAB).

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How can I cease peeing after I sneeze?

Your bestie’s jokes aren’t as humorous after they set off a visit to the lavatory. Excellent news: There are at-home options that may assist put an finish to accidents.

In-the-moment pee stopper: The knack

“The knack” is a muscle approach you can begin doing at this time. This technique includes contracting (squeezing) your pelvic flooring muscle tissues simply earlier than a sneeze, cough or soar — or perhaps a punchline.

“Usually, your pelvic flooring muscle tissues squeeze on their very own after they sense strain,” says Dr. Park. “However when you could have stress incontinence, the muscle tissues don’t routinely contract. Utilizing ‘the knack’ can assist stop or scale back leakage from sneezing and different triggers.”

The knack includes three actions executed concurrently. You are able to do them whereas sitting or standing:

  1. Pull your pelvic flooring muscle tissues up and in such as you’re doing a robust Kegel train.
  2. Cross one leg in entrance of the opposite.
  3. Flip your physique on the waist.

Unsure you’ll be able to belief this system? Attempt practising at residence with a compelled cough or a little bit soar.

Lengthy-term management: Kegels

An everyday routine of pelvic flooring workouts, generally known as Kegels, might be your resolution for stopping leaks. It’s not a fast repair, however they’re easy and efficient workouts you are able to do at residence.

“Common Kegels assist you to re-learn to raise and maintain your pelvic flooring,” Dr. Park says.

Don’t fear if you happen to’ve by no means executed a Kegel in your life. You’ll be able to grasp tips on how to do pelvic flooring workouts in just some minutes a day. When you’ve realized the methods, you are able to do Kegels in your automotive, at your desk or every time it’s handy, with out anybody figuring out.

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Extra remedies for stress incontinence

Should you discover that workouts alone aren’t retaining you dry, you could have a couple of extra choices.

Bodily remedy

Like several train routine, doing it at residence is useful — however consulting a professional takes it to the following degree. Pelvic flooring bodily remedy (PT) is like having a private coach on your pelvic flooring.

Throughout pelvic flooring PT, you’re employed with a skilled therapist who focuses on pelvic flooring problems. Your therapist teaches you workouts and methods that provide you with better management over your pelvic flooring muscle tissues.

“It takes a couple of weeks to see full outcomes from pelvic flooring PT, nevertheless it’s effectively well worth the effort and time,” Park says. “For many individuals, PT is sufficient to cease leakage. However it is advisable proceed to do the workouts by yourself to keep up your energy.”


A vaginal pessary is a silicone, donut-shaped system that you just place in your vagina to help your urethra. You should utilize a pessary alone or together with Kegels, relying in your wants.

“Pessaries come in several styles and sizes, so that you want a healthcare supplier that can assist you discover the proper match,” Dr. Park explains. “Many individuals have good outcomes with pessaries, and so they’re low-risk and easy to make use of.”

Urethral bulking brokers

If Kegel workouts and pessaries aren’t best for you or aren’t doing the trick, your healthcare supplier has extra choices that may assist.

“Urethral bulking brokers are a nonsurgical technique to deal with stress incontinence,” says Dr. Park. “Bulking brokers are injected into your urethra and act like a filler by plumping up the partitions of your urethra. Thicker partitions assist you to cease the move of urine however nonetheless permit you to urinate usually.”

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Surgical procedure

Surgical procedure is another choice, and at this time’s minimally invasive procedures have you ever residence the identical day.

“A sling process helps your bladder and urethra when your pelvic muscle tissues can’t,” says Dr. Park. “The surgical procedure includes small incisions and a quick restoration. When it’s executed by a talented surgeon, the sling process is secure and extremely efficient.”

Don’t let leaks maintain you again

Stress incontinence is extra than simply an inconvenience. Leaks if you sneeze, cough, snigger or train can intervene along with your high quality of life. Many individuals miss out on actions, like social occasions or exercises, as a result of they’re involved about accidents.

Chances are you’ll not wish to have to speak about urinary leakage, however bear in mind: Your healthcare supplier has heard all of it earlier than. It’s what they’re there for!

“Stress incontinence is a medical situation, so don’t be afraid to deliver it up,” Dr. Park encourages. “You need to get pleasure from life with out worrying about your bladder.”

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